Culturezine:Apparantly Billion dollar corporations like Hennes and Mauritz dont feel any social responsibility to the people who make there clothing …

In a well known Fashion online Journal The head of the H&M chain was quoted as saying he is willing to look to competitive  countries to take there manufacturing besides Bangladesh …Bangladashi factory workers are seeking  over a hundred dollars a month to feed themselves and there families …imagine living and feeding a family on a hundred dollars a month even .

Culturezine:May 1,Theaster Gates Lecture@ CCNY,NY

It is important for us to at least go and hear new reflections on our cultural experience…to at least seek new answers …I have my doubts about Theaster Gates but I feel he is important .Somewhere in his new vision is the will to change the habit we have as a people of waiting for solutions instead of creating them .On that premise alone he is fascinating …please try to attend gatesnull

Style-List:Fashion is an Art form and Pratt Institute celebrates it ………Pratt institute Fashion Show and Cocktail Benefit May 1st /center 548/The HighLine Hotel

stephen burrows The annual Fashion show and Cocktail benefit will honor Stephen Burrowsand                                       

byron larsByron Lars

and also feature  Laquan Smith laquan smithGet your tickets here  dahlin ….Pratt. Edu/fashionshow


we  are divine in spirit  and guided by gods love

we will always prevail

children of the sun/ of the universal spirit  we walk eternally  in safety

the whole universe conspires to manifest our dreams and truest desires

for they are for the betterment of humanity

Style-List:Patrick Kelly@Philadelphia Museum Of Art/April 27th -Nov30th

  Philadelphia Museum of Art Patrick Kelly  show




The Black designer …the succesful black designer almost an anomaly no?No said  Patrick Kelly  and rightfully so  actually anyone who knows there history knows there is lineage of great black designers…from Anne Lowe to the Tracey Reese’s of today design of the garment is one of the fields where we have always excelled .Boy did Patrick kelly succeed he went from homeless on the streets of Paris to a fashion empire that won awards .I say its time for Parson’s or Johnson or some other of our billionaires to bring back the label ….why doesnt Puffy  or JAy-z or Pharrel or Kanye do like LVMH and start  buying all these old black labels like Anne Lowe .Willi Smith and Patrick Kelly  to name a few and give young black american  designers some work in there own country  .



Art:Elizabeth Catlett

she’s black as coal and I love her this way /black mink/black as oil black as space /black as panthers /black… black… real black

she tells me I am blasphemous for loving another man .I think she is jealous and it intrigues me……woman is from where I came and where I first came …she is not foreign to me

I know her kind

she speaks of the decency of man and woman and its eternity but female tongues have found diamonds in her cave …..she has wept from her center  and knew Eden  before shame locked off  her palace

I admire her breast beneath her white chemise  and I make quantum leaps mentally and physically without realizing it .

my mind is erect for she speaks of half truths that at least hint at a human beneath there polished exteriors.

beneath the religious posturing /beneath the Amazonian attitudes

I do not seek a smoke screen

I seek kinship in equality and duality /respect in understanding 

kindness as a meditation and daily bread

Orin Vadney


the master elizabeth catlett

art:elizabeth catlett

My sister I see u /cut your eyes at me /are u seeing faggot or pussy thief /what did I do to u

my sister when we come at each other from different directions I don’t want to look through you

my sister you are still the center of your universe even if another man never looks at you …I think u know this

my sister I am not your competitor /I don’t want your man

I want you to see me as human /stop giving credit to the white-man

he did not invent love and neither did we /we feel love not own it

Orin Vadney



so we spendt a few months

hiding out with each other

/you shared all your self with me

/I wished I could keep it

/but somewhere hanging over our embrace my angel said move on

/inspite of all the mess you showed me …because of all the truth u didn’t hide /i respected you /and respect is ultimately the highest form of love one can have in a time of blatant hate  and disregard for anything ..anyplace soft

/you showed me beauty in the ashes in what people missed.

that our pain was two sides of the same coin /in that  and there our hearts will remain joined

/I hear when you say be firmer  and stand up for who I am

but do you hear when I say no fight will ever prove to u or me that I am a man

the battle is within /is with not seeing…is with thinking that there is such things as sin …with how I live in my own skin

leave your cape superman outside the door ……I left mine by the sea shore ……I decided long ago I was rich

how u see me stopped u from loving me …well that’s your shit I shout “its not me “

I can be assed out on the street and still be a good man

I can be two pennies short of a dollar and still human

so what u looking for a Gucci don …..I am the earth and the sky the moon and the sun

you just keep  chasing and looking for illusions

don’t come round when you need a maid /in your no longer “desirable” old age

what u expect when u turn the page …turn the page …turn the page …turn the page …turn the page




theaster gates

artwork:theaster gates

getting our house correct not cause there is company coming over but for ourselves for our spiritual well being

david hammonds

artwork :David Hammonds

Getting our head clear not to master others but to free ourselves




 The sunrise told me a joke this morning /it showed me my life /as it is /as it could be /as it will be and the child in me giggled

as its rays tickled me under my arms /turned me upside down /lifted me to its shoulders/crowned me with release.

the sun …my lover …never once has he looked the same …I follow him


Art (Miami):The Perez Museum




the perez

Miami and I are having a love /hate relationship she keeps giving me sunshine and fresh sea air …I have finally a healthy glow about me instead of looking raggedy and pockmarked .However the minute I get off the beach to try and have an existence that seems equal to the one whites and “white want to bee’s” here make for themselves …ie a job …make a living …I come up against a wall .Its not the first time I have  noticed this about Southbeach, Miami it has an unsaid racial hierarchy when it comes to employment  .Black business is virtually non-existent here we as people of color are vulnerable …as a matter of fact when I find a few black owned businesses  I will report about them .So my friend Peruvian composer singer/collage artist Richard Rivera took me across to Biscayne blvd to see Artopia ..a space for what as far as I can see seems to be what the privileged call “outsider art”on our way by chance we ran into Robert Andell former athlete / who seems to have his finger on the pulse of what is going on in Miami …he urged us to visit the Perez …which I have been hearing about .Andell  gave us a pass for two and we checked out an exhibition that is about en par with the MOMA’s which any real art lover knows is not necessarily a complement. a few  Anna Mandietta’s  is the most noteworthy part of the exhibition I saw …the space outdoors however is amazing …a great view of the bay …I can imagine its a great to hang out for dinner .the thing with art and Miami is that the art is there to frame the real estate …often its(the art) of third grade meaning it has no innovative qualities nor does it seem unique to its creator it is decorative and believe me I would know decorative .There is a ton of space  here as there is lots of art supplies in a store but not everyone who uses them is going to make “ART”.

culturezine:”This Time “James Baldwin @Live Arts/ NYC-April 23rd-27th

baldwin 2baldwinj baldwin   baldwin 4

Its important dahlin that one shows up only for the opening of letters that are relevant to the culture …….you just do not get more AMERICAN than sir James Baldwin …twenty events spread over months  .James Baldwin  Black ,Male and Gay……a great contributor to the advancement  of the  Americas. The   brave and  beautiful  Baldwin’s  99th birthday would have been August 2nd by the way. Live Arts info   Bow  Down  Bitches!!!!


Art:Meat is Moda @ Miami’s The Bass museum’sHarold Koda’s “Vanitas:Fashion and Art”/March 13-July20,2014

Harold Koda’s gem of an exhibition at the south beach gem of a museum The Bass is about the beautifull  its consumption and inevitable decay.  heavily symbolist and symptomatic of all that is unbalanced yet revered in   western    culture.Koda’s selections are heavily loaded with catholic and Judeo-Christian symbolism yet gel’s together as a lovely visual ode to the marriage of what in the 21st century is now quite a lucrative marriage that of art and fashion .the cavernious  and appropriately dimly lit halls allow each item to seem to float like an alchemist dream..mementos of a time that is fleeting as it is being made .

meat is moda

Pinar Yolacan’s portrait of elders are poignant if a bit weighted down in the stereotypical and melodramatic,

meat is moda#2                                                                                                    Greta Alfaro’s “In ictu Oculi” a video piece is sort of like… watching an evening dining on Lincoln Rd  on fast


Koda open’s and in a sense closes the show with the by now legendary Iris Van Herpin  Skeletal Mini dress that is both a piece of technological wonder and poetry it encapsules the time we live in …where technology not only serves to remind us how close we are to invincible but also how fragile we are and also how inevitable it is that we will merge/marry with technology.iris van herpin


Style-List:A New York It is oh so fashionable to be homeless….that all the real estate agents are offering a special homeless package where for 6months to a year you can pay 2.5 million to not only live sleep eat and then be displaced by gentrifiers like the authentic new yorkers you see everyday “littering” the streets on your way to your job at the Google Plant

nyc home series


the homeless serve a purpose they make us work harder …right ?instead of figuring out how to solve the problem we think well at least its not me and I will work harder and not get turned out into the street

we love the idea of homelessness its like theater …like those Christian porn commercials about starving children in Africa .It gives us a chance to play savior or to be indifferent like our bosses and masters n’est  pas.


All Photos:Orin Vadney


FYI:You must read this New York :”A partnership that kept a city lot vacant for decades:combining to block low-income tenants from a “Jewish Area”

Style-List:SOBE,Florida “Consumer malaise at the mall”


At the Lincoln Mall in South Beach, Florida I noted that the most popular brands were H&M, Aldo and Starbuck’s Coffee.All brands I have used and have my issues with. a pair of H&M jeans tend to fit like they were cut for a hipless  and ass-less person more than likely because they are made through cheap  ‘out-sourced” labor.  Aldo shoes look almost good  but not only don’t hold up but hurt your feet after two wears and Starbuck’s picks its coffee beans for there popular Pike brand way too soon and then over roast them so you have to use 4 times the sugar if you are a sweetened coffee user …too bad for you if your a diabetic.Now there is also Lacoste and Gstar and Diesel but insiders revealed to me that the stores of south beach are just wading through the damage of the economic downfall of the last 5 years and that great upswing of wealth that New York enjoyed over the winter season has not trickled down  quite yet …so mostly Miami beach is relying on international tourism and real estate bought up by wealthy Europeans who use it as a winter spot to get away to .In other words there is a lot of real estate thats not moving…a shame because i firmly believe Miami is a great hot spot for culture .It has great potential I cant help but feel however that this limbo … all of this is endemic of our “middle class-less’ culture.The middle  in America used to demand quality at an affordable price …now the poor and the rich just want to look like one another .The rich want to party like there on jerry springer and the poor want in on the exclusive club of exploitation and unchecked manners that they believe are inherent of power across the line.we are demanding no accountability for manufacturers or consumer.welcome to the modern world where its all cheap  hi-price tag or not .But lets not keep it too much on the negative Orin…whats good about SOBE?well the climate is constant …the Art Deco is amazing and the spirit is one of  Spain  in St Sebastian ..or Ibiza .Lots of music …lots of lovely bodies and smiles  and lots  of fun.

Rubric:Osama Bin Putin?-can we mind our own business???????

bin ladenInstead of creating “evil monsters “…which we are really good at here and  in Hollywood ….in ghetto streets and in international politics .What if we minded our own business or is war our apparently its not just the poor that are under constant surveillance …putinapparently Russian Leaders are also subject to Stop and Frisk …can we just get out of peoples asses damn !what the fuck do I care what Crimea the Ukraine and Russia decide to do in there backyard as long as they are out of mine .

Cinema:Robo-Cop the sleeper of the year where we are in our culture numb and dumb and robotic

we have a desire to produce and destroy  instead of “live” we are numb and this is the perfect film to represent who we are ….robotic cops on a hunt for prey all of us we are no longer human we are just machines.

the film was panned by critics for its simplicity but in all honesty we stand at the precipice of a very serious time and we are not asking ourselves  simple questions “WHERE IS THE FEELING IN OUR LIVES …..WHERE IS THE JOY AND WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR LIFE !

“it will be 2240 before the black population will be represented among physicians at only half the rate of the general population…so maybe we are not moving up to the east side ..lionel


.….and yet by 2015 we (black people in America will be spending 1.1 trillion dollars the majority of it hemorrhaging out of our communities  to  designer goods and foreign cars and companies that may not even hire our kind .Wealth is mostly inherited but the average person works there ass off thinking there going to get rich. That scratch-offs will get them there or that the world is fare and that if they are not succesfull its a reflection on how hard they work or don’t or  who they are .Wealth like power is first built on preperation ,persperation and chance from then on its carefull  maintenance and more maintenance by and through inheretence.Read This!

Style-List:The absolute no nonsense humility of The Vessel Brand…such sincerety


vessel logo

the vessel


The Vessel by lois samuels

Embracing the journey
shielding me, molding me,       making me ready and able for     embracing the journey.teach me to brace for strong winds,     bask in the warm, harsh rays of the sunlight     rest my wary frame in the moon and     be renewed on awakening in the early dawning
    help me each day to look within to see solace and dwell in it     show me your love in all things so I may open my heart and embrace it     instill in me the knowledge of my eternal freedom from fears bondage     so in all things I feel faith and take flight and am always secure  in your light.


1.12.2014. nyc

Cinema:La Grande Bellezza/director Paolo Sorrentino

So we know that the “World” is getting older which means that western culture is on the verge of growing up…quite literally demographically .This year in film reflected the greying of our culture …..”La Bellezza “is the most grown up film i have seen in a year that covered  very adult subject matter ,ranging from slavery to madness ..this years Oscar nominated films all showed lead characters struggling with mortality and reality …..but this one was my favorite for its shear sensuality and humor, its embrace of the inevitable …old age and feeling.You are taken on that tour of the sweet life that the Italian directors do so well…that Fellini invented but Paolo Sorrentino fearlessly revisits and allows us to exult in.Sorrentino celebrates the beauty of the landscapes of our lives .The films central character’s outlook on life is so refreshing  that it transcends the trappings …..I recognized this person across class lines.Definately worthwhile seeing.

Art:Eduord Duval Carrie @ PAMM/March 13th -Aug 31,2014



Generated over the past year, Imagined Landscapes features a series of mural-sized paintings and chandeliers, conceived as a single installation, depicting lush tropical scenes executed entirely in black and silver glitter. The exhibition will open with a conversation between Duval Carrié and PAMM Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander on March 13, 2014 at 7pm.

“Edouard Duval-Carrié has produced a very exciting new body of work with his dark “Imaginary Landscapes,” said PAMM Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander. “This suite of sparkling paintings and sculptures dialogue dynamically with the characteristics of the gallery space at PAMM, as well as with the context of tropical Miami as a Caribbean city. This series intriguingly reveals the strong influence of his recent pan-Caribbean research and outlook.”

L’air du temp a miami


orin drawing
I have decided to live a life of freedom ….after struggling for years with trying to “catch up” ….”be somebody” ,”be my best” and all of those very american slogans that we try our hardest to live up to i began to realize that this is my life not an ad agency slogan…not my mothers or families not my “successfull friends” and not a reality tv episode.Suddenly i feel no urge to be liked or pleased but to find out what is behind the mask i have been carefully taught to wear
one of being docile …subservent …passive …dull .. silent …angry but smiling ….in other words fearfull.
orin vadney
scared of rain and sunlight frightened by the beauty and the ugliness of life ….i am on the verge of 50 half my life is lived and well frankly that half belonged to all the people who dominated my youth ….parents ,family and friends who helped recover and served as surrogate family. well all that i am rethinking and re-schooling myself about who I am today ..these people taught me there fears and dreams …but this time belongs to me and the other half will be incredibly aint seen nothin yet
there will be music …there will be costumes….lol.. there will be growth and Change new languages and a lot of fucking money .
no more freebies …for all you pimps who felt you got over …getting shit from me for free the jokes on you because you only got a quarter of me..i can smell a user from a mile away because of you …you served your purpose thank you teacher! .you taught me that when you pay someone what there worth you get what there worth and then some. but a penny and nickle pimp will only get a penny and nickle hoes worth of anything…in other words you cheated yourself .
because i no longer desire to be mediocre the store is closed and will reopen with a brand new direction .a direct from your pocket to my account attitude …yes i am putting to work all i learned in the american game …sit on it till they give u what your worth.