Art:After Our Body’s Meet :From Resistance To Potentiality @Leslie Lohman Center

“Shebacca”by Allyson Mitchell

After Our Bodies Meet: From Resistance to Potentiality

Exhibition dates: June 5 – August 3, 2014
Opening Reception: June 5, 2014 6-8 pm

[New York, NY – April 2014] After Our Bodies Meet: From Resistance to Potentiality opens at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art on June 5 and runs through July 27, 2014. Presented as part of the 12th annual All Out Arts Fresh Fruit Festival, the exhibition explores queer feminist artists’ responses to dominant notions about the body from the 1970s to present day. Reflecting the ever-growing diversity of feminist art, this exhibition provides a cross-cultural examination of how artists represent the body to challenge past and present forms of oppression and to envision a queer future.

After Our Bodies Meet: From Resistance to Potentiality, curated by Alexis Heller, traces the efforts of contemporary queer artists within the legacy of early feminist art. Bridging these historic and contemporary endeavors not only honors the pioneers of gender-conscious art but also highlights the evolution of feminist thought within artistic representations of queer bodies, including some that question the gender binary on which feminism was first conceived.

The works of Tee Corinne and Cathy Cade sought to document and empower the burgeoning lesbian feminist community, emphasizing the female body’s capacity for love, agency and pleasure outside of the heterosexual imagination. Today, South African artist and “visual activist” Zanele Muholi recognizes this same need to preserve marginalized histories, bringing attention to underrepresented populations of black lesbian and transgender individuals, as well as the targeted violence that threatens their existence. For her ongoing series Faces and Phases, Muholi’s black-and-white photographic portraits archive the diversity and resilience of her black queer community in South Africa and abroad, while for Isilumo siyaluma (2006-2011), Muholi generates a series of kaleidoscopic digital collages of menstrual blood stains to memorialize the rape and murder of black lesbians in South Africa.

Heather Cassils’ dynamic performance, Becoming An Image(2012), also evokes the brutalization of queer bodies as the artist’s mixed martial arts blows are imprinted onto a 1,500-pound block of clay. Staged in complete darkness, Cassils’ strenuous movements are only made visible by flash photography, capturing fleeting moments of the action, which, like the artist’s experience as a transgender man, is in a continuous process of change and becoming.

Sophia Wallace’s ongoing mixed media project CLITERACY, exposes the irony of society’s obsession with and ignorance of female sexuality. CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws (2012) includes a monumental wall of texts which challenge phallocentric biases in science, law, philosophy, politics and the art world. Wallace’s focus on the clitoris and female pleasure serves to question and counteract the history of misinformation regarding women’s bodies and the concomitant oppression therein.

Inspired by Indian comic books, Hindu mythology and American science fiction Chitra Ganesh’s digital collages also draw from disparate materials and cultural sources to offer alternate narratives of female sexuality and power. Ganesh’s surrealistic and hybridized female forms collide beauty and abjection, commemorating marginalized and excluded figures from art, history and literature. In Ganesh’s work, the body serves as a site of transgression and revision, tearing apart stereotypes and histories only to reassemble them into a radical vision of corporeality, citizenship and desire.

This exhibition demonstrates how feminist artists have repositioned the political potential of activism into art, allowing critiques of the past to provide space for imagining new queer possibilities. Featuring work from Laura Aguilar, Cathy Cade, Heather Cassils, Tee A. Corinne, Chitra Ganesh, Allyson Mitchell, Zanele Muholi, Catherine Opie, Sophia Wallace, and Chris E. Vargas, these artists subvert the mythologies and ideals surrounding lesbian and transgender bodies and foreground queer bodies obscured by invisibility. There will be an Opening Reception on June 5th from 6 to 8 pm, as well as various events throughout the exhibition that explore these important issues and themes. Visit for a full schedule of events for All Out Arts Fresh Fruit Festival which will be held from July 7 to 20, 2014.

About the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
“…invaluable museum.” Holland Cotter, New York Times, June 2013
Best place for gay culture, Time Out New York: New York’s Best 2012
The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is the first and only dedicated gay and lesbian art museum in the world with a mission to exhibit and preserve gay and lesbian art, and foster the artists who create it. The Museum has a permanent collection of over 22,000 objects, 6-8 major exhibitions annually, artist talks, film screenings, readings, THE ARCHIVE – a quarterly art newsletter, a membership program, and a research library. The Leslie-Lohman Museum is operated by the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, Inc., a non-profit founded in 1987 by Charles W. Leslie and Fritz Lohman, who have supported gay and lesbian artists for over 30 years. The Leslie-Lohman Museum embraces the rich creative history of the gay and lesbian art community by informing, inspiring, entertaining, and challenging all who enter its doors.

The Museum is located at 26 Wooster Street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. Admission is free, and hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 12-6 pm, and Thursday, 12-8 pm. The Museum is closed Monday and all major holidays. The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization and is exempt from taxation under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. The Museum can be reached at 212-431-2609. For more information, go to


Art:Claire Harvey revives my faith in the possibility for drawing to be more than just mimesis@The Drawing Center

I add thisartist to the list of great draftsmen who transcend mere draftsmenship ….she is en par with David Levinthal ,Richard Prince,Richter and Muniz …the piece below is the most striking piece in The Drawing Center’s current “Small” show


Harvey’s current piece on exhibition in the Drawing Center’s “small” exhibition 



Style-List:Lee Jean-Yuon’s Fall 2014 collection @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

whilst trolling throughout the youtube bins i found one of my favorite designers collection for September to January days ….take notes ladies pay attention to the Wabi Sabi cuts and the solemn material  of  the coats and the deceptively haphazard look of the leather skirts (as if they were just a jacket tied around the waist ).Somewhere between Galiano ,Chalayan and Donna Karan  Lee Jean-Yuon is making strides with his own unique take on womenswear .

ARTBUZZ:Kai Matsumiyas Debut of Berliner Hir Markues ‘s”Starchnicht” show /lower east side june14th-july19th -J

This show made me think of the relevance of the artists inner-life and unique perspective on there personal experience of oppression and how it can create a  bridge out of oppression for all of humanity  …how in the face of adversity all human beings create  there own language out of necessity .

Kai Matsumiya 


STyle-List :The Boys of Summer …what will we wear

Third floor nyc
ozwald boating
Public school
en noir
Hood By Air

Dover st market -like visiting a P.S.1 for clothes 

Our men Of Style:

victor glemaud 

F’ “amos

simple canvas vans
white drama /civil whites
brian wood
Our Men Of Style:Derek addaMS
POur Men of Style :genyar ejiofer
domingo torrel
en noir
Balmain/Tom of Finland
Carlos Motta

Rubric:Orinink’s Summer Reads List


*Lost Kingdoms-Yale University Press

*The gay essay-Anthony Friedken(Yale University Press)


an image from the historical Gay Essay book by Anthony Friedken

*Ana mandieta’s Traces

*The Whitemans Burden :why the west’s efforts to “aid”the rest have done so much and so little “good”.

*Degrees of Inequality-Suzanne Mettler

*conform -glenn beck

*Quiet-susan cain

*Beast -Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

*Redeemer:the life of Jimmy carter

*Business Man First -Maurice w .Dorsey

Art:Andre Gomez

andre gomez
As an artist we can try out different mediums until we find one that expresses perfectly our abilities ..andre gomez’s calling is in Vector where he does awesome portraits that feel fresh in there balance between old school skill and new gaurde technology.check him out

Style-List:the buzz Ruben Marroquin’s art ….Molly Machine’s “Tron-y’s”…and miami’s Eat the Sun’s custom skate -board

ruben marroquin's genius
ruben marroquin
molly machine
this is my favorite af three very strong designs by Artist Arthur Roberts …Art’s skills are tight and so is the Molly Machine line check it out
eat the sun skatebords
you may want a skateboard under your feet this summer …you may want it to look unique Grecia ,Cristian and Meli of North Miami’s Eat The Sun Skateboards will customize your ride for a sweet 82 potatoes.

Style-List:Fall into Agi &Sam UK’s hottest new cuts


I can only say what style is for me personally…it is the essence of each individual’s being distilled and expressed in our choice of clothing music food art etc .be it consciously or sub-consciously .its content or chemical breakdown or DNA would probably be 50% cultural background and 50% individual processing of our environment and emotional terrain.Being a stylist to me is being a mirror and a sort of  barometer or a mid-wife for self -expression .I am by nature a minimalist/maximalist..meaning I like iconic pieces that communicate modernism and the infinite .that being said I feel not much is happening “in Fashion” period except that the rich manufacturers are getting richer selling us cheap  and badly made shit that we keep convincing ourselves we need ….though they are part of a system i grow more and more tired of this duo at least have a modicum of talent and taste .I keep hearing rockers when i see there off cuts and strong tailoring that seem always slightly rebellious.

Style-List:The absolute no nonsense humility of The Vessel Brand…such sincerety


vessel logo

the vessel


The Vessel by lois samuels

Embracing the journey
shielding me, molding me,       making me ready and able for     embracing the journey.teach me to brace for strong winds,     bask in the warm, harsh rays of the sunlight     rest my wary frame in the moon and     be renewed on awakening in the early dawning
    help me each day to look within to see solace and dwell in it     show me your love in all things so I may open my heart and embrace it     instill in me the knowledge of my eternal freedom from fears bondage     so in all things I feel faith and take flight and am always secure  in your light.


1.12.2014. nyc

Art:Suzanne Broughel Examines “Whiteness” amongst other constructs/

broughel#3s broughel #2s broughelin a time when black artist are getting a tremendious amount of money to “examine ” and Display there “Black”-ness….can a white woman get some props for being forward thinking enough to examine the variables and degrees of her own Status Quoa..i mean i am like when was that gonna happen …but here is the thing how easy is it to examine what we know …i mean where are the black artist (not since Piper perhap’s)that are bringing this discourse to the table.apparantly Broughel is on the cutting edge of a discourse that is so obvious that we have all missed it all along …..whiteness is as much a performative state as “blackness”.By the look of Broughel’s work this sister is questioning the whole system …good for you miss broughel we all sick of it anyway not only do we say down with the patriarchy but take the matriarchy with you too.No man or woman should stand higher than any other and we get to understanding that these quite high soap-boxes are made of pretty thin substance we will no longer need them.check it